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About Us

EAN Pharmaceuticals is managed by team of top notch of certified pharmacist, managers and Brand strategist.

Supply of Quality Drugs, Medical Supplies and Equipment.

Providing the best pharmaceutical care in the community settings and also distribution of medical and Pharmaceutical supplies to IOCs.
EAN Pharmaceuticals is the creative idea of Ekpereamaka Anthonia Nweke, a pharmacist who gained her bachelor's pharmacy degree in Ghana, became a registered Pharmacist in Nigeria and went on to attain a license as a pharmacist in United Kingdom.
EAN Pharmaceuticals
Ekpereamaka Anthonia Nweke
We Provide The Best Medical Care For Your Family!
Positive, Safe And Focused Culture For All Patients.
Our Core Values

Setting The Standard For High Quality Drug Care And Supplies!

Our doctors include highly qualified male and female practitioners who come from a range of backgrounds and bring a diversity of skills. Our administration and support staff all have exceptional people skills.
Our administration and support staff all have exceptional people skills and trained to assist you with all medical enquiries.

Patient Counseling

Drug Information

Prescription Filling

Delivery of Drugs

Health Check Ups.

Delivering quality pharmaceutical products and supplies. Contact EAN Pharmaceuticals


To provide high quality, effective drugs, health products, medical devices with a huge emphasis on client first oriented pharmaceutical care approach that would improve health of the society and advance patient care.


The vision of EAN Pharmaceuticals is to become a globally recognized brand in the health care space through provision of quality, consistency, patient-first approach and innovation.